Welcome to Terramira, a restaurant where authentic ingredients meet Tuscan tradition and open the doors to Casentino. Our cuisine is inspired by the fruits and colours of the land and is shaped by the authentic products of local farmers. We have chosen to tell you the story of our land through three tasting experiences.


Welcome from the kitchen

Casentino trout, its marinated eggs, beetroot, capers and smoked lemon beurre blanc

Black cabbage “gnudi” gnocchi with Casentino black truffle

Chianina meat ravioli, its stock whit saffron from Cortona and tongue

Pigeon: roast breast, barbecue leg, sweet and sour onion from Margherita, chanterelle, “zolfini” beans and “Trasimeno” beans

Bergamot ice cream, celery, white chocolate and licorice

Santa Maria Novella Alchermes gattò with custard ice cream and red fruits extract 

80 €

Wine pairing 45 € for person


Welcome from the kitchen

Glazed grilled eel, sautéed rice and sweet and sour roots

Linguine “Mancini”, Mediterranean mazzancolle shrimp, mandarin and Timut pepper

Lamb from Casentino, artichokes and mustard 

Barbecue deer saddle, chestnuts, chanterelle, pomegranate and vermouth

Bergamot ice cream, celery, white chocolate and licorice

Chocolate, coffe, pear and cardamom

80 €

Wine pairing 45 € for person


Welcome from the kitchen

Jerusalem artichoke, orange and black garlic

Black cabbage gnocchi with Casentino black truffle 

Pratomagno pink chickpea tempeh, turnip greens, Crusco pepper and kefir

Egg, artichokes, mustard and buffalo parmesan 

Bergamot ice cream, celery, white chocolate and licorice

Puff pastry, hazelnut and strawberry tree

70 €

Wine pairing 45 € for person


6 COURSES 90 €

5 COURSES 80 €

You can build your tasting menu by choosing the dishes from our menus.

In order to guarantee the best experience, we limit the choice each table to a maximum of one different menus.

In all menus are included the welcome from the kitchen, predessert and petitfours.

Wine pairing 50 € for person 6 courses

Wine pairing 45 € for person 5 courses

Water 3 € Panna and San Pellegrino water 4 € Cover charge 4 €

To guarantee the quality and food safety, some products administered may have been subjected to rapid blast chilling or frozen at origin by the manufacturer (HACCP plan pursuant to Reg. CE 852/04).

Check allergens

The fish intended to be eaten raw or practically raw has been subjected to preventive remediation treatment in compliance with the requirements (EC Regulation 853/2004, annex III, section VIII, chapter 3, letter D, point 3). The dining room staff is available to provide any information regarding the nature and origin of the food served.